About us

The French Union for Helicopters (UFH) was founded in 2004 in order to unite and highlight the initiatives of the industry players.

As a team, we work to support professionals of the industry by advocating regulation changes as well as playing the role of intermediary between our members and the different administrative bodies. By organising various events, we also strive to introduce the general public to the world of helicopters.

How much do you know about helicopters?

We make the “Helicopter Day” happen on June 30th, 2019 for you to discover everything there is to know about helicopters!
All over France and Europe, industry players – clubs, manufacturers, museums, flying schools, professional operators, the military – will organise specific events for you: visits, introduction flights, in-flight presentations...


Make the most of it!

You will discover that helicopters are used everyday for countless of meaningful purposes; not just, of course, for transport, but also surveillance, filming, repairing, lifting, measuring – and most importantly, they are used to save lives on a daily basis.

The scope of rotary-wing aircraft is very diversified. Indeed, there is a world of difference between an ultra-light aircraft and a 10-ton multi-engined aerial crane operated for high-voltage power line maintenance.


Thanks to their know-how, French industrials are world leaders in the rotorcraft sector.

Something we can be proud of.


On this website, you will find everything you need to know about the upcoming 30th of June and the events organised in your region.
You’re bound to find an event near you!

This website will be updated in real time, so that you won’t miss anything.
Please make sure to check it regularly, as well as the related social media platforms.


We wish you all a wonderful “Helicopter Day”!

The French Union for Helicopters (UFH) was founded in 2004 in order to unite and represent the industry players. As a historical and innovative sector, the helicopter industry plays a major role in supporting the growth and influence of France around the world.


The UFH Team works together towards the following objectives:


Introducing and promoting the history of rotorcraft, as well as the living heritage of helicopters;


Improving regulations to fit the operational needs of professionals;


Elaborating and bringing the members’ demands to individuals and organisations such as the EASA, the French Civil Aviation Authority, representatives, and the press;

Providing members with studies and appraisals;

Facilitating meetings between professionals;

Organising initiatives to introduce the industry to the general public;


Monitoring regulation information for the members;


Insuring free use of and access to the airspace;


Defining and sharing the best practices regarding environmental protection, safety, and security matters.


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